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How to square the clubface at address

If you're continually hitting the ground before the ball, focus your eyes on the front edge (target side) of the ball during the swing. It may not seem like much—the diameter of the golf ball is. 1 A simple sheet of card - preferably laminated for durability - is an ideal prop if you tend to hit the ball heavy. Set it in the ground behind the ball, as here, and focus on keeping the club.


Jul 24, 2022 · By closing the stance at address, the takeaway and swing path of the club should start inside the target line. This will set the downswing on an in-to-out path. Generally, the shoulders and hips will also be in a closed position which encourages this in-to-out swing through impact. Clubface.

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Dec 17, 2017 · It’s as simple as placing a ruler, or straightedge, on the ground aiming down the target line. Then put the club at the end of the ruler, so it aligns perfectly with the end of the ruler. Many of.... Player keeps the club face open too long, as they are subconsciously trying to help the ball fly up.; Open club face would lead to pushing the ball, so the player makes adaptations.; The.

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Square Clubface At address, a club placed on the ground in a square position is one where the line of the clubface is perpendicular to the target line. Indeed, a square clubface does not lean one way or the other and instead faces the target directly. How to Set Up Properly The square clubface setup is the default position for most shots.

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